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Why I Love the Series

I knew about Cardcaptor Sakura for quite a while before I actually delved into the series. I always thought it looked fun, pretty, and magical. Mainly due to laziness, I never got around to watching the TV series until this year. I was so enchanted! I love magical girl series' and was excited to begin Cardcaptor Sakura. I remember when I was about halfway through the show, I thought "Man, I'll be sad when I finish all of the episodes." I indeed felt sad when I was done, but also happy to have experienced such a great show. There's still a manga to enjoy too however, which I plan to begin reading when winter break starts.

I also enjoy this series just because it's a classic anime from the 90s. Many people have nostalgia of the series from when they watched it as a kid, but somehow I never got exposed to it. I watched Sailor Moon, but Cardcaptor Sakura sort of slipped by me, until recently. I like that there's a female protagonist, there's action, there's romance; a little something for everyone!

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